15 Bag Sewing Patterns – Which One Do You Love?

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Bag Sewing Patterns – You love showing your personal style and fashion by wearing different outfits. However, the bags that we carry every day also reflect your own taste and style. In the present market, you can find several varieties of bags. However, to use a unique, you can sew your bag in a DIY process.

15 Awesome Bag Sewing Patterns

We’re pleased to share with you today some nice bag patterns for you. Let’s check them out.

1. Small canvas tote bag

The small sized tote bags are very useful in our everyday life. It is also easy for you to make the tote bags for your own purpose. Canvas is one of the heavy-duty woven fabrics, and it is the most commonly used material for designing bags. However, you may also choose upholstery fabric for designing the tote bags. While you love sewing various bags, you can try out this one.

Small Canvas Tote Bag

Source: So-Sew-Easy

Nowadays, compact backpacks and crossbody wallets have become trendy bags. Thus, canvas tote bags are also the best choice to store your card, keys, phone, and sunglasses. By using a very little amount of fabric, you may design these bags.

2. The Frou Frou Bag

When you look for unique and style Bag Sewing Patterns, you can choose it. The strap of the bag is adjustable. The ruffled flaps and the snap closure are other features of this bag pattern.

Frou Frou bag pattern

Source: SewSweetness

There are three-dimensional small pockets at the front side. You can sew four pockets at the interior side.

3. Owl Tag Along Toddler Backpack

The insulated backpack, with cold and heat resistant features, is the best choice as your lunch carrying bag. You can create this bag pattern for storing your baby’s items.

Use laminated fabric for lining purpose, and the bag is easily cleanable.  Zipper, D-rings, cording, and piping are the integrated features of this bag.

4. Large Patchwork Bag

While you need to store lots of small items, you can start sewing up this spacious, big bag. For beautifying the bag design, you may apply bold prints on it.

5. Grocery Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

You may take one to two hours for sewing this type of bag. You can design grocery bags of various sizes. A finished and rightly stitched grocery bag will be useful for different purposes.

These bags look like that of the plastic bags. On both sides, you can find special prints.

6. Boxy Cosmetic Bag Pattern

You are looking for a bag for holding your hair kits, rollers, and makeup accessories. Then, it is best to create a cosmetic bag for your own purpose.

Boxy cosmetic bag pattern

via Etsy

Use padding and lining for designing this bag. You may or may not attach a handle. There is zipper at the sides, and you will have no issue of fraying.

7. The Breckland Bag

You may choose it as one of the best Bag Sewing Patterns. The shape is similar to what we could find in 1940s. The overall style is highly functional and versatile. On any occasion, you can carry this bag.

With various fabrics, you can sew this bag pattern. This purse pattern bag includes front pocket and asymmetrical flaps. While stitching the front pocket, you may also design patch pocket at the interior side.

8. Large Japanese Knot Bag

You may be interested in the digital pattern for sewing a bag. You can sew a shoulder style or wristlet style bag. There are two straps, attached to this bag, and one of them is longer than the other strap.

You will not face any intricacy in this sewing pattern. As a novice, you may confidently sew this bag. This type of bag pattern is also applicable for your knitting bag or handbag.

9. Poofy Drawstring

The drawstring style bag has a wider base. You may use a very ordinary looking fabric for these Bag Sewing Patterns. While you close this poofy drawstring bag, you can find a lovely shape.

However, this bag does not have any magnetic strap and zipper. There is one pocket, within which you have to store everything.

10. Bento

It is a reversible style knot bag. Both the sides of the bags are usable as the interior or outer side. The opening of the bag is small. The new sewists may try to create this bag design.

You can make the bag pattern intricate in different techniques.

11. DIY Diaper Bag

As one of the moms, you may have become tired of buying several diaper bags. While you have an interest in sewing, you can create this bag easily. You may also use this bag as your tote. You can store snacks, drinks, toys, diapers and various other items.

Diaper bag pattern

Via Fabric

In a DIY process, you will be able to create a customized diaper bag. Make your bag more functional with a sturdy zipper, pockets and long strap.

12. Jumbo Tote With Striped Pockets

You think that you will take much time for sewing a big tote bag. However, you may choose it as the timesaving pattern. At the outer side, you can design 6 pockets.

The stripped style of the pockets has created a unique fashion. You may use any color for this striped design. Thus, the Jumbo tote pattern is highly durable. You can carry books or any other item.

13. Swoon Patterns: Vivian Handbag

While you love the classic style appealing bag, you can choose this design. It looks like a small handbag or a big purse. The slip pockets at the outer side are best to store the mobiles or keys.

It is one of the easy to create bag sewing patterns.

14. The Coffee House Bag

It is an easily adjustable pattern for the bag makers. The flaps are interchangeable, and you may choose one for your bag.

The zippered pockets are made of vinyl. You can get fun in sewing this bag pattern.

15. Sunday Afternoon Bag

sunday afternoon bag pattern


While cycling, shopping or doing any other activity, you may use this bag. The size of the bag is best for any purpose. Buy magnetic snap, Velcro strap and buttons to attach them to this bag.


So what do you think? If you are looking for ideas about bag sewing patterns, some of the 15 models above are great options for your consideration. Hope you like them.

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