Buy The Best Brother Embroidery Machines And Create Eye-Catching Designs

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Best Brother Embroidery Machines – You may be one of the creative and passionate sewing professionals. To add a unique style to your fabric, you can start applying embroidery designs. However, the technologically advanced embroidery machines have made this task easier.

These latest machines enable you in creating lots of patterns, and you will be able to stitch your fabric within a short time. You just have to place your fabric and threads rightly to let these machines perform their work.

best brother embroidery machines

The modern machines are available in various versions. Some of them are just for the embroidery works, while others enable you to do both embroidery and sewing activities. The computer connectivity is also common in most of these units. You can find a USB port for transferring your design files. Different brands have introduced the embroidery machines of various models.

One of the popular brands you probably know is Brother. This brand presents some models that offer plenty of great features. Brother embroidery machines have all the criteria that you are looking for, such as, durability, ease of use, good looks, outstanding performance, and quality.

Top 6 Best Brother Embroidery Machines

In this post, we will show you some of the best brother embroidery machines available on the market. Of course, each model has different features, pros, and drawbacks. So choose one of the following models that meets your requirements.

#1. Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

You may have already tried out various combo units, intended for embroidery and sewing. However, while you are enthusiastic only of the embroidery work, Brother PE770 is the best choice for you.

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You will have no confusion in using its controls. One of the major features of this product is a needle threader that works automatically to help you in sewing all the designs with no issue. The space for embroidery is much large, as it covers 5 by 7 inches.

There are 184 different stitches, including drawnwork and smocking. Brother PE770 has integrated designs that are highly useful to the novices. The printed chart, present on the unit, makes your threading task easier.

Brother PE770 has a touch-sensitive LCD Display (size- 1.4”x2.7”), and it helps you in threading comfortably. The design editing option is also interesting. You can increase the image size and edit design in various ways.


  • Easy to do threading.
  • Quality of stitch is high.
  • Controllable speed.
  • In-built memory.
  • Computer connectivity.


  • Issues in bobbing.

The package also includes USB, and you may use this part for importing the images. You can rely on for buying and downloading any design. Other accessories in the package are bobbins, cleaning brush, spool caps, seam ripper, scissors, spool net, and a manual.

#2. Brother SE 1900 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Brother SE 1900 is one of the versatile units, helping you to sew anything and create embroidery designs. With lots of innovative features, this machine is highly useful to several users. The embroidery field is 5 by 7 inches, and it is similar to that of Brother PE770.

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You will be able to make the bigger designs. This unit is integrated with more than 200 embroidery designs. You may also deal with various fonts and frame shapes. For the threading purpose, you can rely on the automatic needle.

The colorful LCD screen is much larger, and it helps you in viewing the embroidery designs very clearly. You may also alter the colors of your threads with the use of color palette. It is always essential to have a preview of the design while you are going to start the stitching work.

By using the USB port, you may import any design file. The zigzag foot is unit for fabrics of various thicknesses. The integrated spring action helps in the smooth transition of the foot. You will also be able to create blind hems for your sleeves or pants.


  • Side and horizontal stitching.
  • Works smoothly.
  • User-friendly.
  • Several built-in designs.


  • High priced.

The foot design enables you in attaching the zippers at various sides. Another unique feature is its overcasting foot, useful to the overcast seams and protects the fabric edges.

#3. Brother SE400

Brother SE400 is one of the sophisticated look units, having a computerized system for sewing and embroidery. Using the computer connectivity and LCD display, you will be able to deal with various designs. The integrated 67 stitches, 70 designs, and 5 fonts have made this machine unique.

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The thread cutter and needle threaders have the automatic mechanism. The embroidery space looks like a square, as its size is 4” by 4”. While the light rays fall on the needle, you can get fun in working with the embroidery design. From iBroidery, you can buy any of the beautiful designs. It is also helpful to update the machine at any time in.

You will be able to see various options at the right-hand side of the screen. While picking the designs, you may scroll through all the available designs. You can see 2 designs at a time. Thus, there is much amount of space for seeing the design details feature.


  • Faster and easier thread.
  • Includes presser feet.
  • Presents tutorials.
  • Free arm design.


  • It is not easy to choose stitches, by scrolling through 12 screens.

For those who are interested in monogramming, the fonts are available for them. You may adjust the sewing feet for overcasting, embroider, button fitting, blind stitch, buttonhole, zigzag and zipper.


#4. Brother PE800

Lots of professionals and novices have chosen this unit for their embroidery works. Like Brother PE770, this PE800 is also another embroidery-only machine. It is very easy to operate this machine. You may choose any of the integrated beautiful designs for your fabric.

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There are 138 designs in total. You can find eleven lettering fonts, available for embroidery works. The field of embroidery, available with this machine, is 5″ x 7″. With very few steps, you will be able to work on the bigger designs.

You will also find various stitch patterns, integrated with this unit. You have to touch a lever, and the process of threading can start automatically. It is a helpful feature for replacing the threads several times for a particular work.

PE800 users love the editing features- Resize, Mirror, Rotate, Move and several other options. You may go through the manual to use these editing options rightly. The LED light of the unit acts as your eye-saver.


  • Built-in stitches.
  • Automatic threader.
  • Auto-sized buttonholes.
  • Sew Smart display.


  • The embroidery space has to be bigger.

It illuminates the space for needling. You will be able to concentrate on your embroidery design. In addition to the available designs in your machine, you may also import anything using your USB port. The package includes a thread converter, prewound bobbins, stabilizer, sock and cap hoo, and embroidery scissors.

#5. Brother LB6800PRWPKG

Sewing and embroidery – You will be able to do both of them with this unit. With the proper installation of this machine, you can smoothly do your work. Brother LB6800PRWPKG is an elegant looking machine, equipped with several accessories and features.

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The dimension of its working space is 4″ by 4″. It is one of the high-speed units, enabling you in creating 710 stitching in a minute. Most of the users have found it to be a versatile product, as it helps you in accessing 67 stitches.

After placing your thread rightly, you can click on the Start button to activate the bobbin-winding feature. You can feed different types of fabrics very smoothly, and it is usually present in the high-end units.

Brother LB6800PRWPKG also presents you with more than 90 functions, 120 frame designs, and 70 embroidery patterns. After choosing any design, you can rotate it and increase or decrease its size. Look at the screen to have a view at this edited design.


  • Includes easy tutorial.
  • Smoother cutting.
  • Bent comfortable handles.
  • Best to cut out patterns.


  • Feels a bit heavy.

The professionals will have no issue in creating their embroidery designs in dark room. The workplace is flooded with the bright light.


#6. Brother SE625

With a 4 by 4 inch embroidery space, this machine is one of the most valuable units to the sewing professionals. You may also do your sewing work by using this unit. The colorful LCD screen of the unit makes your task easier. There are 280 embroidery designs, available for you.

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You may apply any of them for your fabrics. This 2-in-1 unit also presents you with several choices of fonts. You can show your creativity using the available workspace of the machine. The screen enables you in previewing the designs that you have edited before starting your stitching work.

The integrated inspiring designs make your output attractive. However, you have also an option of creating your own innovative designs with the use of USB. The sewing feet is alterable to zigzag, overcasting, buttonhole, monogramming, blind stitch, button sewing, and zipper feet.


  • The designs are editable.
  • Longer feed dogs.
  • Feed the fabric smoothly.


  • No inclusion of USB stick.

The buttonhole can be auto-sized. The embroidery feet include a hoop and arm. For the precision sewing, you will be able to control the speed or move the needle up or down. There is a Start and Stop button to operate this unit.


These are the best Brother embroidery machines you can consider to purchase. Although these machines look similar to each other, they have some variations in their features. Thanks to their stitch quality and technological capabilities, most of the models above are so preferred by many users, and most of the embroidery fanatics love them so much. In addition, if your concern is budget, they are great deals for the money.