Best Serger Threads You Can Buy Online

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Looking for The Best Serger Threads? If so, you are on the right page.

Sewing is one of the fields of interest to lots of people. You have acquired the sewing skills with your regular effort. You may also have learned serging and the technique of using a serger. However, the choice of threads plays a role in affecting the standard of your output.

The thread color, quality, and its length are the major factors to you. Most of the professionals have a collection of serger threads of different colors. Thus, you have to purchase the best serger thread for your purpose.

Types of Serger Threads

As the overlockers or sergers use various thread cones for every application, you have to focus on the price of threads. However, the low-quality serger threads tend to break easily and they cause fuzz. Their tensile strength is very low. While you are altering the type of your stitch or the tension, these threads may not perform rightly.

best serger threads

In most cases, Spun polyester is a very common thread, used as the serger threads. This type of fiber is capable of displacing the lint. For some crafts and sewing works, the smoother seams are not essential. You may use these threads for your works.

The nylon and the polyester are the most acceptable option to the serger machine users. However, we think that the cotton threads may not be the right choice for a serger machine. Although they are usable and resilient for your serging tasks, they may cause a mess. The cotton threads comprise the short-sized fibers that can get tangled in various parts of the units.

Polyester Threads

These threads are common for your serging. In the filament polyester threads, you can find thinner and longer polyester strands, which remain attached together. The major advantage from these threads is that the fibers are stretchable.

These are very smooth threads. However, they are not much stronger than corespun threads. The corespun-type polyester threads make your stitching tasks easier. They also reduce the risk of puckering.

Monofilament polyester is another type of finer thread, and you can iron it with the medium level heat. Spun polyester stitching threads have small fibers, and they are available at lower price.


With the blend of finer fibers, the manufacturers create cotton threads. However, the quality of cotton can be of various levels. The Egyptian-origin longer fibers help in designing the superb quality cotton threads.

The positive aspects of these threads include medium level sheen and high strength. Natural cotton fibers are effective at grabbing fabric for creating a tighter seam. However, it may not always be easy for you to identify the quality of the threads.

Woolly Nylon Thread

This is a fuzzy, thick thread, covering with very few stitches. By using this thread, you will be able to transform the rolled hem to form attractive edging. Thus, the conventional crisscross stitches become an embellished trim.

You can choose this nylon for knitting the scarf very fast. You may apply this thread in the lower and upper loops of the serger. The spools can be of 1000 meters. We think that this is one of the best threads, used for serging.

We have talked about the serger threads, made of various elements. You can try out these threads to use them for your serger.

The Benefits of Serger Threads

Let us now see what values you get from investing on the serger threads. These threads are useful not only for serging but also for other sewing works.

The cone thread or serger thread is 2-ply thinner threads, useful for your home-based crafts. It includes two thread strands, twisted together. As the polyester serger threads are strong, you may also use them for the high-speed commercial units. Most of these threads have minimal lint.

The serger threads are also useful as the thread for hand basting. Most of these threads are much stronger and sturdier than any average standard sewing thread. To have a better fashion in your fabric, you can choose the threads of contrasting colors. However, make sure that the color combination of the threads looks best for your fabric.

Thus, we can say that the serger threads are highly versatile. You may use them for serging and various other purposes.

Serger Thread Using Tips

Four white and neutral colored spools are essential to most of the serger users. You may also buy four dark color spools of threads. The loopers of serger act as the thread hogs, and you may use your spools for the lower and upper loops. While you have 2 thread spools, and you think of serging four-thread overlock stitch, you can fit the bobbins to 2 threads.

Top 4 Best Serger Threads (Polyester)

If you are looking the best serger threads, there are many options available on the market to choose from. To save your time, we will help you by providing a list of some best products so that you can choose as your requirements.

However, due to time constraints, we will focus on Polyester threads. In case you need a product recommendation for the other types of threads, you can click this link (Cotton), and this link (Wolly Nylon). Without further ado, let’s have a look the popular polyester serger threads below.

#1. IZO Home Goods Serger Cone Thread 

IZO Home Goods has offered the serger threads of various colors, including light blue, dark brown, beige, red and light purple. You can start stitching your fabric with the right colored threads. In addition to a serger, you may also use them with the merrow and single needle. For a different type of sewing activities, you can choose these threads.

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Our Rating:

With the polyester core, these threads are highly useful to most of the sewing professionals. You can find a high level of strength in the threads. In each of the packs, you will get 6000 yards. The threads are based on the Spun Polyester. For serging your clothing seams, you can rely on this product.


  • Works best with any type of serger.
  • Strong threads.
  • Right for quilting and serging.


  • The blue color is too much bright.

#2. AK TRADING White Serger Cone Thread

AK TRADING has offered the best quality serging threads. There are four cones of threads, and in each of the cones, you can find 6000 yards. The manufacturer has used plastic for wrapping the spools, and this prevents any effect from the dust.

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As all the four cones are of one color, you will be able to use them easily for your serger. In most of the serging units, the similarity of the cone color is essential.

You may also use the threads for a machine or manual quilting activity. As they are polyester-based threads, you can find higher and better tensile strength. Your quilted and sewed items will surely last long. You will get the best reward for your effort. The users also use these resilient threads with the commercial standard machines, working with the higher speed.


  • Available in lots of colors.
  • Get 24000 yards in total.
  • High-quality Polyester Spun.
  • The cones are of reasonable sized.


  • Issues in the thickness of the thread.

#3. Foamily 6000 Yard Spools Black Sewing Thread

We have chosen the threads from Foamily is not without reason. When you are looking for Spun Polyester threads, you can invest in this product. The manufacturer has offered you thicker yarn for creating a stronger bond.

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Our Rating:

The polyester core has made the product highly durable. The threads are available in one color – Black. By using these threads, you may stitch your fabric confidently. The spools comprise 24,000 yards. You will easily be able to tie the threads to your needle. You can choose these threads for the professional standard sewing works and apply these overlock cones for quilting, beading, drapery, and canvas.


  • Best to work with your sewing kit.
  • Strong and tough threads.
  • Longer thread.


  • Cannot stretch.

#4. Candora 4 Cones Sewing Threads 

Candora is another reliable brand, offering the best serger thread for your use. The manufacturer has used Polyester Spun for producing this thread. Candora threads are available with various color options- Black and White. However, both black and white colored products present you with different choices of yards.

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Our Rating:

You can find them in both 6000 yards and 3000 yards. You may choose any of these products for your sewing works.  These threads are the right options for mechanical and manual works. As it is a low lint serging thread, you will get high resilience in it. Very high level of tensile strength is another feature of this thread.


  • Available in various yards.
  • Four cones in every pack.
  • Not breakable.


  • Color too dark.


Sewing threads don’t work for your serging purpose. That is why we have created a separate list of the best threads for the sergers. As we have reviewed the best serger thread packages, you now know which product that most suits your needs. Check out the thread color and qualities, then you can pick the right one for your projects. As one of the serging enthusiasts, you may be able to assess the qualities and standard of these threads.

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