Best Serger With Coverstitch – What Options Do You Have?

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Best Serger with Coverstitch – The sewing professionals use lots of tools and accessories to do various stitches and to make different designs accurately. They buy various machines to make their tasks easier.

Serger and Coverstitch machines are very common to the sewing enthusiasts. The serger helps with overlocking stitch, and it is much similar to knitting. We may also call the serger as overlocker.

best serger with coverstitch

This unit is helpful in trimming and binding the seams to prevent any mess to the fabric. A Coverstitch machine is another different unit, looking as an overlocker. Its working surface is much bigger. For finishing the hems of your garment, you may use this machine. The similarity is that the modern version of both these units has four threads.

Serger with Coverstitch – Reasons to Buy the Combo Models

Some users think of whether they have to buy overlocker or serger. These are two different machines. However, some manufacturers have started designing reliable combo models. A serger with coverstitch is a versatile option for those who have limited space in their home but they want to do serging and coverstitching. Besides, a combo machine will save your money as well.

Save your space

The most important advantage is that it is a space-savvy machine. When you have a space issue, you can consider the all-in-one models.

Save your money

Budget is another reason for choosing and buying the best serger with Coverstitch. While you buy a coverstitch machine and a serger separately, you will need to invest more. Thus, to save your money, it is better to purchase a unit that performs both functions.

Save your time

Setup is the major process to start using a machine. While you have a combo version, you have to set up just one unit to make it ready for your job. Configuration becomes easier and you will save your time.

Best Sergers with Coverstitch – Top 3 Best-Rated Models

In this post, we will show you some high-rated models that combine coverstitching and serging functionalities. Just for your information, the number of all-in-one models that are available on the market is not as many as stand-alone machines. However, it doesn’t mean you have no choice at all. After spending some time to research, we found three candidates that we believe they will fulfill your expectations.

#1. Juki MO-735

If you want to bring your serging and coverstitching applications to the next level, the Juki MO-735 is the answer. Many users consider that it is the best serger with coverstitching you can find today. Thanks to its wonderful features, it can handle far more than other sergers in its price range. It is fast, smooth, and quiet.

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Does it work well with thick layers of denim or fabrics? Yes, it will work well as some users said that this machine worked with double layers of thick jeans. Some of them also said that it can be used and worked fine with rather thick fleeces.


  • Differential feed dial.
  • Easy looper threading.
  • Upper and lower knife.
  • Color-coded threading.
  • Produce rolled hems.
  • 2/3/4 thread overlock stitch variations.


  • It has excellent stitch quality.
  • Can handle a variety of fabrics.
  • Great cover hem function.
  • Easy to thread.
  • Powerful.
  • Quiet.
  • Reliable.
  • Durable.


  • Poor documentation, but you can search it on the internet.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for a machine that can handle your tough projects, the Juki MO-735 is an excellent option. It is fast, powerful, and durable.

#2. Singer Professional 5 14T968DC

SINGER Professional 5 is one of the professional standards machines for sewing professionals. You have an option of choosing various thread stitch types (2/3/4/5), applicable for different purposes.

As this unit adjusts the tension automatically, you will find proportioned and balanced stitches. The motor has the capacity of creating 1300 stitches on every minute. Thus, you will be able to do your work faster. The handle design is much ergonomic.

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You may lift presser to a higher slot, and it helps you in dealing with several material layers. The knife, applied to trim the seam, is movable. Thus, you will have neater finishing for your garments. The feed dogs are adjustable, and you may control how much fabric is to be fed between pressure foot and feed dogs. The stitch quality of the output will be high.


  • User-friendly.
  • Noise-less operation.
  • Integrated rolled hems.
  • Stitch length and width is adjustable.


  • The lower and upper looper are very close together.
  • Turning is quite difficult.

As a coverstich unit, this machine provides some decent features. You can have a neater and professional hem. You have an option of choosing a triple, wider or narrower cover stitch.

Speaking about the price, some users consider that the Singer 14T968DC is the best serger with coverstitch for the money, and we agree. So if budget is your concern, then this model is a good choice for you.

#3. Bernette B48

Funlock series includes several user-friendly models, and this Bernette b48 has become one of the popular machines. It is a blend of coverstitch and overlocker machine. Overall, it includes twenty-three stitches. Three of them are cover stitches, and 15 are serging stitches. You will also get a chain stitch with four combo stitches. For the overlock ones, the width of the stitches can be almost 7 mm. The width of the cover stitches can be 5.6 or 2.8 mm. The combo stitches have a width level of 10mm.

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Cover stitches with stitch widths of 2.8 or 5.6 mm, overlock stitches with a stitch width of up to 7 mm and combo stitches with a stitch width of up to 10 mm. The thread paths are easily identifiable, as there is color-coding. You can find mechanical threader with the chain and lower looper. Use one of your hands to adjust anything. The manufacturer has included a LED light for the threading and sewing part. You can enjoy a very high speed for sewing. Bernette b48 helps you to do 1300 stitches in a minute.


  • Several stitches range.
  • Impressive stitch quality.
  • Easier threading for color codes.
  • Large working area.
  • High sewing speed.


  • No knee lifter.
  • lack of extension table.


Finding the best serger with coverstitch is not a breeze. Luckily, we found some excellent options that you can rely on to handle your tough projects. So, if you are looking for a combo model that is reliable and offers plenty of features, you can consider one of the machines we already reviewed above.

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