The Best Sewing Chair – Top 4 Ergonomic & Comfy Models

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If you are a sewing enthusiast, it is essential to have a comfortable sewing chair. That’s why you should choose the perfect one. Although finding the best sewing chair is not easy, it is still doable. And once you find it and then buy it, your sewing activities will be more comfortable and enjoyable.

Is a computer chair not good enough?

Of course, you can use your computer chair or another type of chair you have. However, it is not as good as a sewing chair which is designed specifically for sewists. Computer chairs are not good enough to support you properly while sewing.

On the other hand, sewing chairs are designed ergonomically, more comfortable, and will hug your all body in the right places so you don’t get tired easily while sewing.

best sewing chair

There are still a few more reasons why a sewist should use a sewing chair instead of an ordinary chair or other types of chair. However, in this article, we will not discuss it further as we will focus on the best models available on the market.

Best Sewing Chair Reviews – Our Top Picks

To be honest, we had difficulty in finding the best sewing chair that met our criteria. Luckily, after spending a little more time to research online, we have found some best candidates that will support you to do your daily sewing activities.

#1. Arrow Height Adjustable Hydraulic Sewing Chair

This is probably the best sewing chair for the money. Arrow has offered you one of the reliable hydraulic chairs that you can place in your sewing room or the craft room. If you are looking for the best furnishings for your sewing room, you can invest in this specially designed chair.

The overall construction of the chair is highly durable. As it is a hydraulic model, you will be able to lift it up or down very easily with the use of controls. The colorful fabric of the chair seat has a sewing motif. The manufacturer has used Riley Blake fabric for designing the seat of this chair.

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There are cushions at the back for lumbar support. While you are sewing for long hours, you will never feel tired. You can get comfort when you are sitting on this chair. The best fact is that this chair helps you to store small items.


  • Durable chair.
  • Seat fabric with a sewing theme.
  • Wheeled chair.
  • Black shinning frame.
  • Storage unit.


  • Pricey.

You have to lift up its seat cushion to find the storage unit, hidden underneath it. The star base design is another feature of this chair. The manufacturer has integrated five caster wheels to the base. You can easily move the chair from one place to another.

#2. Reliable SewErgo 200SE

SewErgo 200SE has a highly consistent, stable and safe design. While you are looking for ultimate comfort, SewErgo 200SE is the right choice for you. You may use it during your sewing hours or during your leisure time.

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This stylish looking chair is also easily adjustable. You will be able to adjust or regulate the backside and the height. Lumbar support is also present in it like any other chair. The manufacturer has shown eco-consciousness while designing this chair. The chair is made of recycled polyester (62%).


  • Curved contouring.
  • Padded seat.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Height is easily controllable.


  • The legs: lower to only certain point.

You can sit on the padded and contoured cushions for several hours. You will never feel pain in your spine. Lots of professional sewists have invested in this Reliable chair. You can glide the chair using the controls and have the best comfort. You can find the uniqueness of the chair in the seat edge. Waterfall seat edge offers several advantages to the users. It causes no strain to your lower limbs and knees.

#3. Comfort Sewing Chair by Slyvia Designs

Available in various colors, this sewing chair is useful to the regular sewists. It is not only functional but also aesthetic. Sylvia Designs has offered this chair in different versions. Some of them include the arm kit, while others do not have this part. You can invest in any of them.

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The Sylvia Designs chairs of all types are comfortable to you. Like any other sewing chair, the back and height is adjustable. Thus, it fits for any users, including the adult and kids. The manufacturer has added more other comfort features to the chair. The cloth-covered backside is one of the best aspects of this chair to increase the coziness.


  • Breathable fabric.
  • Best for the quilters and sewists.
  • Controllable mechanism.
  • Comfortable backrest.
  • Glide very easily.


  • No defect in the design.

You can sit on this chair for long hours without having sweat on your back. The mesh back portion is highly breathable. The seat also has a contoured design to help the users in sitting on it without feeling strain. Most of the users focus on the movability of the chair. Thus, the manufacturer has added glide castors to this chair.

#4. Reliable SewErgo 150SE

You may have already seen the SewErgo 200SE model above. And the last model we will mention also comes under the same brand. It is Reliable SewErgo 150SE. This model is still a good choice for those who look for an affordable sewing chair.

Although both of them are comfortable and have similar features, they are slightly different in look. You can find the variation in the backrest design of the chair.

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The backrest of this chair is rectangular shaped with rounded edges. SewErgo 150SE is a very comfortable chair for the sewists. Its long-lasting frame enables you to use the chair for several chairs. The gray colored seat looks stylish, and it goes with the décor of any room.


  • Includes lumbar support.
  • Warranted product.
  • High-quality fabric and frame.


  • No color options.

The seat edge has waterfall design, and it is intended to reduce the level of pressure on your limbs. You can fully rely on this chair as a professional sewist or artisan. You can continue doing your work, sitting on this chair.

The backrest and the overall height level are controllable. The star base and the frame are highly durable.  For the seat, the manufacturer has used recycled polyester as the best fabric.


One of the four best sewing chair models above can be your best friend when sewing. Most of them are ergonomic and attractive. Our favorite is the Arrow Hydraulic sewing chair, and we are highly confident to recommend it to you.

However, the other models are also worth to consider. In the end, you are the one who knows your requirements. So, choose one of the sewing chairs – we have already reviewed – that fits your needs. Good luck!

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