Brother SE400 Review – A Fantastic Machine At An Awesome Price

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If you are looking for an affordable machine to sew and embroider countless designs and you are looking for a great warranty, then the Brother se400 is an excellent choice. It has been one of the most desirable machines of this kind and now you have an opportunity to read the ultimate Brother SE400 Review.

Features of Brother Se400

Embroider, sewing and quilting capabilities – The Brother se400 machine is a superior and well-packed model that comes with superb capabilities. At the first sight, it may look small and ordinary, but you actually have three main capabilities. You can quilt, sew and embroider. Each operation is simple and optimized for users who have versatile skills.

The embroidering option is very appealing for us. You have 4×4 inches option which works well and makes the machine suitable for beginners and intermediate users. It can be your best first embroidery machine if you are looking for the advantages mentioned at the beginning.

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70 embroidery designs and 67 stitches

For most of you, an embroidery machine is good only as many designs it has. This particular model has 67 different stitching options, which is sufficient for most of you. It also supports 70 designs for versatile applications. Even with stock data, you can create impressive work.

If or better said when needed, users have the ability to download additional designs from the official website and add them to the machine thanks to the computer connectivity. It is a simple process that requires just a few moments.

Automatic thread cutter

Cutting threads is easier than ever before. It is one of the features I simply must include on my Brother SE400 review. The system is easy to use and you don’t have a need to look for online help. However, you should consult user manual that is included in the package. It is even more important if you are a beginner.

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I should add that the model in question also comes with an LED used for illumination of the sewing area. It is a standard feature among most models and it works very well.

Touch display

brother se400 featuresThe machine comes with an LCD touchscreen that has a positive effect on the navigation and overall usage of the device. It isn’t a colored display but it works well and there are no major complications here. The responsiveness is at a high level so when you are in a rush, the display won’t slow you down.

Automatic needle threading option

The machine is equipped with the automatic system for threading a needle. Now you can complete this annoying task within seconds. Well, better said your new machine will complete it instead of you. For most users, it is a must-have feature that decreases the operating time and makes usage more pleasant.


  • Manufacturer: Brother
  • Dimensions: 20.3 x 15 x 15.2 inches
  • Weight: 10.9 pounds
  • Stitches: 67
  • Designs: 70
  • Fonts: 5
  • LED: Yes
  • Display: Touchscreen LCD
  • Computer connectivity: Yes
  • Warranty: 25 years


  • Value for money – The machine is equipped with all the features you may need and it comes with a superb warranty. As such, it is an excellent value for money.
  • 3 in 1 – You get quilting, sewing, and embroidery machine all in one. It is superb for beginners who look for their first machine of this kind.
  • Computer connectivity – Thanks to the latest technology, the machine can be easily connected to a PC. You can add designs, modify them or create new ones.
  • Warranty – The warranty is 25 years which is impressive. Once again, this is an affordable model, so the warranty is a pleasant surprise.


  • No knee lifter – It is a drawback if you are looking for the most efficient machine that requires the least amount of time to be used.
  • Pre-loaded patterns – They are basic so you will soon need to create and add new ones.

Brother SE400 Review – Conclusion

You saw a complete Brother SE400 review. Now my mission is to give the verdict. Overall the machine is excellent and gets 4.7/5 stars. I liked the 3 in 1 combination and the overall simplicity. Auto features are a nice touch as well. Let’s not forget the price which is more than affordable and makes the machine stand out from the crowd.

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