Brother SE625 Review – Multi-function Sewing Machine

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In my Brother SE625 review, I will reveal why this machine is impressive and probably the best choice for users who need a small and powerful machine with a colored display. It is based on the latest technology and it comes loaded with features. Let’s reveal some of them.

Features of Brother Se625

280 embroidery designs – When it comes to the designs, the Brother SE625 stands out from the crowd. With 280 different designs, you can make this a powerful tool for creating anything you like. Keep in mind that the 80 designs are installed on the machine, while 200 are available on the CD that comes in a package.

The procedure for installing additional designs is super-easy and you won’t need more than 5 minutes. It is also explained in the user manual so you can get a clear idea on how to do it all by yourself.

3.2-inch colored display

I like machines that come with colored displays. In this line of business, it is an important advantage, being able to see the color of the threads and so much more. The tested model has a display of the new generation. It is very responsive, easy to use and detailed. The size is appropriate as well.

Thanks to display, you can complete more tasks and make better designs, something which will be explained below.

Advanced editing capabilities

Yes, as I have mentioned earlier, the model comes with the ability to edit designs directly on itself, without a need to use a computer. You can drag and drop which significantly improves the designing process and makes it more suitable for beginners. Of course, you can still use a computer if you prefer.

7 feet included in the package

The unit comes with 7 feet that can be replaced easily. Each one has its own purpose. For example, you can saw zigzag patterns, zippers, buttons and so much more. I believe that this addition is useful for all users. However, intermediate and professional users will get the most out of it and they will probably love this advantage.

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The feet accessories are well-made and they are long-lasting. On my tests, they performed well, even under a lot of pressure.

Precision sewing is possible

There is no need to add that this is an embroidery and sewing machine, all in one. If we stay focused on sewing capabilities, we can see that you get a variable speed, start and stop button and the automatic needle threading. All of this is important and can assist you in making your project easier.

Letts also add that the Brother SE625 is accurate, making it suitable for projects that require the maximum level of precision. I tested it in different situations and it performed well.


  • Manufacturer: Brother.
  • Model: SE625.
  • Dimensions: 21.06 x 16.42 x 15.28 Inches.
  • Weight: 26.68 pounds.
  • Color: White.
  • Display: 3.2 inches (touchscreen).
  • Designs: 280 (80 installed and 200 on a CD).
  • Embroidery field size: 4×4 inches.
  • Computer connectivity: Yes.
  • On-machine editing: Yes.
  • Fonts: 6.


  • Display – It is a great display with a size of 3.2 inches. The touchscreen capability makes the entire machine so much better.
  • Designs – There are plenty of them to choose and each one is excellent for versatile applications. Make sure to install 200 designs included on the CD.
  • Editing – The machine can edit any design without a need of a PC. The user interface is smart and advanced. The process is performed on the display.
  • Affordable – It is one of the most affordable machines of this kind that comes with advanced features and a lot more.


  • Customer support – It is confusing and you will need a lot of time to get your issue solved if you have any.
  • Sensitive display – The display should be used with care. Always make sure it is cleaned regularly and with a proper solution.

Brother SE625 Review – Conclusion

The last part of the Brother SE625 review is the verdict. Overall, this model comes with a high rating of 4.9/5 stars. I was impressed with the design number and the display which makes the entire machine more capable and more advanced. Add a great value and you will have a great embroidery machine of a modern generation.

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