5 Cute Cat Embroidery Patterns

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As one of the cat lovers, you like to have cat motifs in different items. While you have sewing or embroidery skills, you can create cat embroidery patterns of various types.

Cat Embroidery Patterns

However, if you are still a beginner in the embroidery field and need some ideas, we have provided a list of cat embroidery designs that you can try. Check them out.

Nigel Nine-Lives Embroidery Pattern

It is very easy to create this embroidery design with a cat motif. You can find a border, surrounding the cat. For embroidering the cat shape, the designer has used blue and green colored threads. You may easily design the nose of the cat.

The designer has chosen the red threads for highlighting the nose of the cat. The size of the design is 5.5″. To design the cat motif on your fabric, you have to use a hoop of 6″. There is no complicated stitch for embroidering the cat design on any item.

Cat Contemporary Embroidery Pattern

A cat, curling up its body is one of the best themes for your embroidery designs. You may use different colored threads for designing the body of the cat. The designer has shown innovativeness in creating this cat-themed embroidered art. The dimension of this design is 15cm by 15cm.

For tote bags, clothes and various other items, you can choose this embroidery pattern. With small stars, dots, and zig-zags, you may design the pattern. However, it is essential to draw the cat rightly to get the best look from the embroidery stitches. The curled-up cat presents a very cute look.

Cat lady

The designer has embroidered the words- Cat Lady on the fabric. The embroidery design shows the face of the cat, and below this face, you can find those two words. The cat design is available in two versions- striped and fluffy.

You may use black or white threads for this cat design. You can choose a 6″ hoop for this Cat Lady Embroidery design. There are small flowers and leaves, surrounding the cat face in this design. Thus, you can try out this design to make your embroidering skill much better.

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Floral cat

It is one of the colorful cat embroidery patterns. Although the shape of the design resembles a cat, it is filled with floral designs. The designer has used satin stitch for creating the petals of flowers. He has chosen the best color combinations that develop a uniform look.

This floral cat design is unique, and you can apply for your piece of cloth, bags and various other items. However, it appears that the designer has shown the backside of the cat. Thus, you will not have to draw the eyes and nose of the cat. Draw the shape and start embroidering on it.

Cute cat in a hat

A small, charming cat, wearing a hat, looks adorable. This pattern has shown it as the motif of the embroidery design. For embroidering your t-shirt or any other thing, you can rely on this design.

Use the right threads for designing the cat face, hat, spectacles, and scarf. It is better to use the embroidery machine for creating this design. The combination of blue and white color has presented us with the best look.

There are a ton of cat embroidery patterns out there. But the 5 embroidery designs above are our most favorite ones that are worth considering to try.