Embroidery Patterns

cat hat embroidery pattern

As one of the cat lovers, you like to have cat motifs in different items. While you have sewing or embroidery skills, you can create cat embroidery patterns of various..

lunar blossom modern embroidery patterns

The embroidery designers love applying their own creativity to stitch several patterns on the fabrics. The modern embroidery patterns are distinctive, and the designers have used their own thoughts for..

little susan vintage embroidery patterns

The embroidery designs help you to create a highly embellished fabric. With the threads of various colors, you can create these designs. We have presented you with some common vintage embroidery..

rose wreath embroidery pattern

Floral embroidery designs are the classic motifs. Most of the embroidery designers choose floral designs to make their fabric beautiful. We have made a list of some flower embroidery patterns..