Different Types of Embroidery Needles Explained

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Now is the time to understand all about the types of embroidery needles. There are a lot of them and obviously, each type is different. The ideal size of the needle depends on the fabric thread count and the type of fabrics you are embroidering.

Types of embroidery needles

The first thing to remember is that the higher the number, the smaller a needle will be. It is mandatory to have a clean look after the embroidery process and not to see any holes in the fabric.

Types of Embroidery Needles

Now, let’s discuss the main types of these needles.

1. Sharps

One of the most common types of embroidery needles is sharps. These needles are very sharp and they have a large eye on the top which can accommodate embroidery thread.

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They are also referred to as crewel due to the fact they can be used for crewel embroidery. The eye is bigger than ordinary sewing needles.

2. Tapestry

These needles have a dull tip and they are used when a needle must pass between the threads rather than to piece them.

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For instance, they are mandatory for cross stitches. They have a bigger eye than sharps and classic sewing needles.

3. Chenille

At first sight, these needles are similar to the embroidery needles. However, they are shorter and wider. They also have bigger eyes.

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You will use them while needing to complete an embroidery process which is based on wool.

4. Ribbon

Ribbon needles are precise as the name suggests. They have massive eyes and they are made for ribbons. You can sew ribbons without them, but it is much easier if you use this type.

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Keep in mind that they come in different sizes and shapes.

5. Huck

Some of you will already know that these needles are used specifically for Huck embroidery. They have rounded and dull tip and they are longer than standard embroidery needles.

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This allows them to quickly pick up the thread while embroidery.

6. Milliner’s needles

The look of the needle is unique. They are big, long and have sharp tips. This type of embroidery needles is commonly used for ribbons and heavy threads.

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You can consider them as a heavy-duty type suitable for the most demanding operations.

7. Darning

Darning needles are small and they come with small eyes. You will need this type when you want running stitch embroidery and also huck embroidery.

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They are rare and reserved for professionals.

8. Gold Plated

All the types we have mentioned and explained above are also available in the gold plated version.

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These needles are mandatory for people who are allergic to nickel or who produce body oils that affect the nickel coating on the needles.


We have mentioned and explained all the types of embroidery needles you will ever encounter. Try to remember that you need all of these types in order to make the most versatile and unique garments. In other words, you need the best tools to get the best results, which is a well-known fact regarding embroidery.