Most Comprehensive Embroidery Machine Buyer’s Guide For 2020

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For some of you, choosing the best embroidery machine will be more than just complicated. The truth is, it is demanding matter. Luckily we can help. We will present you with the best Embroidery Machine Buyer’s Guide so you can choose the best machine within minutes.

brother SE600 embroidery machine

Embroidery Machine Buyer’s Guide

Below, we will list all the factors you need to consider.


The most important matter to keep in consideration is the price of embroidery machines. They are generally more expensive than ordinary sewing machines and as such, they are reserved for users who need and want more. That’s why this is the first factor to consider in our buyer’s guide.

price embroidery machine

The main difference is the one between entry-level and more advanced sewing machines of this kind. If you are a beginner, yes, you will be satisfied with an entry-level model, but for a short period of time. Eventually, you will need a better model with more features. That’s why it is wise to save and get a more advanced model.

With a more sophisticated embroidery machine, you will be able to develop your skills and to grow your knowledge without any concerns.

Hoop and size of the embroidery field

You should know that embroidery machines offer the ability to embroider different sized fields. The entry-level models have small size compatibility, so you will likely get something like 4 inches in diameter. It is suitable for beginners but may be an issue later on.

More advanced units have bigger embroidery field compatibility. This is definitely an important factor to consider and we believe that the ones that have multiple options and support larger fields are the best.

When it comes to the hooping sizes, the situation is the same. You will want a model which has several options supported, meaning it is more advanced, more usable and more desirable.

Connectivity options: mandatory for adding new embroidery designs

All embroidery machines come with a library or a database which holds common and popular embroidery designs. However, some of them have basic designs which are not very useful and they are used by absolute beginners. This simply isn’t an option. Luckily there is a solution.

connectivity feature

New embroidery machines come with the ability to install additional designs. You can do that by using a PC or a laptop, which means that the machine will have to be directly connected with the computer.

A separate feature has a USB port. This allows for you to download the designs on the flash drive, insert it into the machine and install the designs. There is no need to connect the machine with a computer.

There is no need in telling you that a model with a USB port is a much better option. This is standard for all, high-end models, so you can get a better idea of how important it actually is.


Almost all embroidery machines of a modern generation come with a display. But, some of them have black and white displays which are very small, almost useless.  We prefer the second kind of displays. They are much bigger and they are colored, so you get a great preview of the design you are looking to implement.

screen features

Models without or with a small display are usually paired with a computer to allow users to see the design. For some users, this is tolerable, but for most, especially those who are looking for advanced features, it isn’t an option.

Single or multi-purpose machine?

In this case scenario we have two similar, yet different kinds of machines. A first type is a machine that can embroider only. They are more affordable and they are used for users who don’t have a need for sophisticated machines.

If you have a need to embroider a massive amount of items, then a multi-needle model is the right choice. They are the most effective and they can outperform the second type, mentioned below in all situations, even the most complicated ones.

Another type is a combination machine, which can embroider and sew. These machines are more expensive, but you will literally get two machines in one, which will actually save you money if you have a need for two machines of different types.

In the end, it is up to you to decide which variation you want. I will recommend you to go for a combination unit if you need an embroidery and sewing machine. On the other hand, if you need to embroider a lot of items, then the multi-purpose, embroidery-only machine is the best choice.

Additional features you may need

New embroidery machines are advanced, complicated and therefore superior models that can do almost anything. But, they are also loaded with technology and features that can help you by making your job easier. These are advanced features you will want to consider:

features embroidery
  • Auto-tension of the threat – A machine will do this instead of you, eliminate the risk of improper tension.
  • Trimming of the threads – A machine will do this instead of you.
  • Attachments – Thanks to attachments you will be able to do beadings and sequins.
  • Archable fonts – The feature will increase the font-related capabilities, making the lettering so much better and more complex.
  • Design editing – Some models allow you to end designs, but only up to 20%. Others offer you greater freedom, while third don’t allow you at all.
  • Variable speed – You can easily adjust the speed in which a machine operates.
  • Lifter for your knee – You can lift the presser by using a knee, instead of your hands. This leaves your hands free.

The Final Word

If you want a quality embroidery machine that you will be happy to use for the next 5 years, then you should take some time to research and choose the right machine that suits your needs. In case you need some suggestions of good models, you can read our reviews of the best embroidery machines here.