Flower Embroidery Patterns – Colorful Designs, Created With Various Stitches

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Floral embroidery designs are the classic motifs. Most of the embroidery designers choose floral designs to make their fabric beautiful. We have made a list of some flower embroidery patterns for the designers. Let’s check them out.

5 Flower Embroidery Patterns

Bee floral

This design reminds us of the beauty of nature in spring. The floral patterns are always attractive as an embroidery design. However, to make the overall design look unique, you can create a little busy creature, like a bee. The presence of the bee has made the embroidery pattern unique and fabulous. Use the black threads and appropriate stitches to create the bee.

bee floral embroidery pattern

Source: TheFlossBox

To avoid anything messy, the designer has just designed an outline to present the shape of a bee. Design the fabric with colorful embroidered flowers. While you do not like fussy details, you can try out this bee floral pattern. Start your work by designing the flowers and then create the stems.

Wildflower embroidery hoop

The wildflowers with long thin stalks have created a stunning look. The designer has used light pink colored threads for all the wildflower designs. However, you may also create a flower of some other colors and different shapes.

For leaves, you may use the threads of two green shades. With the cross stitch and various other stitching styles, you can create the patterns. Create this bunch of wildflowers on your embroidery hoop.

Rose wreath pattern

For the novice embroidery designers, this is one of the easiest patterns. The rose pattern always looks beautiful in any fabric, and with the deep pink colored embroidery threads, you may create small rose designs.

The overall design has created a circular shape. The designer has applied French knots, satin stitch, and stem stitch to create the rose wreath pattern on the fabric. With the leaves of various sizes, flowers, and twigs, the designer has presented us with a lovely and attractive rose wreath pattern. You can try it out with your embroidery threads.

Rainbow Floral

A rainbow is always full of colors, and you can choose the rainbow floral pattern as your embroidery design. Make your white fabric look brighter with the floral designs of various colors. You can find the flowers of a variety of colors on the fabric.

Red, blue, violet and light pink colored embroidery design can draw the attention of any person. The leaves are also of different sizes and various shades of green. While you like to have a very gorgeous look in your fabric, you may choose this design.

Geometric Floral

You may have a passion for geometric shapes. Still, you love the floral designs. It is better to combine both of them to create a geometric floral design. You may not find much intricacy in drawing the design.

Geometric Florals Embroidery Pattern

Source: Brynnandco

The combination of light pink, brown and black shapes will create a unique look for your fabric. Buy the embroidery threads of these colors and create this design on your fabric using your hoop. It is an art to design the flowers in geometric shapes. You can show your artistic skill by creating this embroidery pattern.

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These flower embroidery patterns are simple and fun to make. Besides, they are easy to follow. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate embroiderer, they are the perfect project to learn with. So, which one do you love the most?