5 Modern Embroidery Patterns – Awesome Designs for Cheerful Embroiderers

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The embroidery designers love applying their own creativity to stitch several patterns on the fabrics. The modern embroidery patterns are distinctive, and the designers have used their own thoughts for developing each of the patterns.

5 Modern Embroidery Patterns

Lunar Blossom

It is one of the unique embroidery designs for the enthusiastic designers. With the running stitches, you can create the full flower. The white colored outline of the flower on the blue fabric has presented you with a sophisticated embroidery design.

This design can fit easily in an embroidery hoop of 6″. For each of the petals of the flowers, the designer has created shapes of the moon. From the full moon to the new moon, the lunar cycle is shown in the embroidery design. Thus, the look of this lunar blossom pattern is much different from that of other embroidery designs.

The “Lorelei” Bouquet

The Lorelei Bouquet embroidery design looks beautiful like the real bouquet, having full of bright colored flowers. This is an intricate hand embroidery design. A bunch of flower stalks is tied with a thread.

The designer has created this motif for the embroidery design. The peach and coral blossom designs blend rightly with the lush green leaves. Use a 5-inch hoop, and you can easily fit this design into it. Thus, try out this Lorelei Bouquet embroidery design for your fabric. It is one of the gorgeous embroidery patterns.

Monogram by LynnyLouCrafts

The novice embroider designers may choose this pattern to learn various stitches. The design shows an alphabet- A, decorated with the small flowers on its side. However, you may do it with any other alphabet.

The embroidery motif with interwoven letters is the best choice to personalize any item. You may also create a logo with this type of embroidery design. Decorate a piece of cloth with the monograms. The floral design is present at one side of the monogram. You may apply your own creativity to create this embroidery pattern.

The Modern Plants

You may have just started learning the embroidery designs. You can follow The Modern Plants embroidery patterns. It is not much touch to create this design. Create the color pot motifs with your embroidery threads.

Modern Embroidery Plants Pattern

Source: TataSol

The designer has used pink threads of light and bright shades. After stitching the pot designs, you can start creating the small leafy plants. The central pot has long thin leaves, while the other pots hold small leaves. The designer has chosen satin stitch for creating these pots on the fabric. Try out this modern design on any fabric.

Whale of A Time

In this Whale of A Time design, you choose the blue colored embroidery designs. This pattern looks very sophisticated and elegant. The designer has created a round decorative border, and within this circular border, there is a blue whale motif.

You may design the shape of any fish to make your pattern different. On a white fabric, the blue thread looks best to present the design. Use your embroidery needle and a hoop of appropriate size to create this design.

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Some of these modern embroidery patterns are intended for those who have a basic understanding of embroidery. However, you don’t need to be an expert. Hopefully, this post is useful. Have fun with your embroidery work. Cheers!