Poplin Vs. Twill: Differences And Similarities

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If you are interested in making your own clothes, you will want to know all about the materials you can use. In this case scenario, we will stay focused on poplin vs. twill comparison.

At first sight, these two materials may look the same or similar, but they are actually very different. Now, we will explain all the differences and similarities between the two fabrics.


Twill is a heavy fabric which has diagonal lines which go from left or right or other way around. They are always present in a diagonal direction so you can easily tell when Twill is present. The material itself is very strong and durable.

cotton poplin vs. twill fabric

Cotton Twill Spandex Fabric by the Yard [Koshtex]

As such, it is common for usages on jeans, skirts, and pants, or other pieces of clothes where durability and strength are mandatory. This material is also used for curtains and drapes due to just mentioned reasons.

Twill looks nice and it is used by designers and by people who want to create a piece of cloths all by themselves. Just keep in mind that it is heavy fabric so it isn’t suitable for light clothing.


Poplin is a lightweight and breathable material which is used for sportswear and underwear where breathability is a must. The weaving is rare than with the twill and you can see this the first time you look at the material.

poly poplin fabric

Poly Poplin Fabric by the Bolt [StylishFabric]

Poplin can be used for drapes as well, due to the fact it is a very durable and strong material. It can be present in many different colors and with different patterns, but all of them are light and breathable.

You won’t make a mistake in the poplin vs. twill comparison if you take a closer look in the materials. Poplin is also softer and more pleasant to touch. You can feel the breathability the first time you touch it and you can enjoy as long as you want to wear that piece of cloth.

Poplin Vs. Twill – Bottom Line

Our poplin vs. Twill comparison has come to the end and now we must tell you the main facts. All you need to remember is that twill is heavy and rough cloth used for jeans and pants, while poplin is soft and lightweight, used for underwear or sportswear.

Both materials are versatile and can be used for all kinds of operations. Also, both of them are very durable and strong. We like both, and you?