Serger Vs. Coverstitch Machine: Which One Do You Need?

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Are you planning to purchase both, the Serger and Coverstitch machine? But, do you need both of them? Which one you actually need? All of this is going to be answered below. By the end of reading this content, you will be a professional who can understand all possible differences in Serger vs. Coverstitch machine comparison. Let’s begin.

Serger: Basics

First of all, you should remember that Serger machines and overclocking machines are the same. People from the United States refer to these machines as Serger while they are commonly known in the rest of the world as overclocking machines. Now when you understand this important fact, we can move to the detailed Serger vs. Coverstitch machine battle and reveal all of their differences and capabilities.

brother best sergers

Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread SergerSee product details

Serger machines are used for constructing rather than for finishes. They are capable of connecting two pieces of fabric perfectly in such a way that they look like they were linked using knitting. This is also the main difference between this type of machines and all others you can find today. This also suggests that the fabric won’t be able to unravel during use and the main applications are for the inside of garments.

All Serger machines require up to 4 pathways alongside 2 loopers. They also have knives which will cut the excess material and connect the materials perfectly. The main thing to remember at this point is that Serger machines are not the same as sewing machines. They are not designed for the same purpose and they are not made to eliminate the need for ordinary sewing machines. Instead, both of these machines should be used in the same place to provide different results.

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The next time you see a complicated machine that doesn’t look anything like a sewing machine, you will know it is a Serger machine and it is used for core garment creation.

Coverstitch Machines: Basics

Coverstitch machines are primarily used for finishes and they are essential for all kinds of applications. For example, when you try to connect hem to the garments. A Coverstitch machine will be essential when you have to stitch flexible and stretchable fabrics. Yes, a Serger machine may look like the first choice, but Coverstitch machines are the best choice.

serger vs. coverstitch machine (Juki)

Juki MCS-1500 Coverstitch MachineSee product details

For most of you attaching the hems to the garments will be extremely difficult without a Coverstitch machine. As a matter of fact, it will be almost impossible. Thanks to these machines you are capable of completing the task in less time and easier than ever before. The machines in question are also perfect when it comes to sewing elastic, lace or similar elements to the material. It will perform perfectly without any complications.

A Coverstitch machine will look more like an actual sewing machine. It has one loop only and there are no knives. For comparison, a Serger machine doesn’t look like that and it is far more complicated. Keep that in mind when you are trying to make a difference between these two types.

Despite the fact Coverstitch machines look simple, they are very versatile. For instance, you can use them with 1-3 needles and you can sew all kinds of fabric. You can also sew wide or narrow stitches and you can complete any task that is given to you.

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Coverstitch machines are relatively simple, as we have mentioned but there are a lot of attachments which can make them advanced and more complicated. For example, you can get a clear foot, a gathering foot, feller, belts and so much more. Each attachment will allow for your machine to be more usable and more advanced in the lack of a better word. Obviously, you can use them without any of these attachments and it is relatively easy to master the technology.

Combination models may be the answer to your prayers

If you are limited by money or space, you will need to consider combination models. They are complicated machines that come with the ability to provide both operations, same as Coverstitch and Serger machines.

singer serger coverstitch

Singer Professional 5 14T968DCSee product details

The list of benefits is quite obvious. You will get the ability to use the machine instead of two and you can easily switch between modes. For most people, this is an excellent choice, especially if we know that some of you will rarely have a need for both machines.

If we take a closer look, we can see that combination machines are just an alternative. They should be chosen if you don’t have enough space or you are on a tight budget. But, if you have both things, you should go for separate units. They are more sophisticated and more advanced with the ability to provide better features, more sophisticated results and so much more.

Serger Vs. Coverstitch Machine – Conclusion

In the end, we must say that if you are a professional and you are looking for the best results, you will need both machines. Serger machines are mandatory while creating something, while Coverstitch machines are essential for finishes.

Both models are different compared to ordinary sewing machines and both come with its own list of benefits, pros, and cons. Serger vs. Coverstitch machine is relatively simple if you understand their main differences. These machines are far from simple devices and they are essential for all of us. Combining the two of them you will be able to create any garment you dream of.