Singer 4432 Review – Is This Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Perfect for Beginners?

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Today we present you the Singer 4432 review. It is one of the most popular models from this class and the one that has been on the best sewing machine lists for a long period of time. The biggest advantages include enhanced capabilities, newer design and so much more. All of that and much more will be explained below.

Singer 4432 Review

Let’s start with its features. The first feature we will mention in our Singer 4432 review is related to the construction. The sewing machine is made of plastics, as you can see, but this refers to the exterior construction only.

Inside we can see the frame and main elements made of metal. The bedplate is made of stainless steel and as you all know, it is extremely tough metal that can withstand years and years of heavy-duty usage. In addition, most models of this class have the same bedplate.

One of the rare features is available in the Singer 4432. It is simply known as reverse stitching and what it does is allows for the users to pull a lever and start reverse stitching, obviously.

The operation is used when you want to reinforce the stitches and make the end result tougher, in the lack of a better word. We tested the system and it works perfectly. It is relatively easy to use and we can add a desirable feature.

Some of you will say that the power of the sewing machine lies in the number of stitches it provides. If that is the case then the Singer 4432 is a powerful machine. It comes with 32 stitches in total. 18 of them are decorative, 6 and basic and 7 are stretched stitches.

There is an additional buttonhole stitch which is one-step operation. Now you can easily sew buttonholes, which is a complicated task, or better said was a complicated task before the introduction of 1-step buttonhole stitching. Just to add, stitching speed is 1100 stitches per minute.

Singer Sewing Assistant App

singer 4432 sewing machineAlthough it isn’t a feature related to the sewing machine itself, it is an important addition that must be included in our Singer 4432 review. The sewing machine is compatible with an app that can be downloaded one all Android and iOS devices.

Once downloaded, you can find useful tutorials, help and so much more. The app is specifically developed for beginners, but even professionals will use at some point. If you are new to sewing, the app will be of great help.


  • Built-in stitches: 32.
  • Stitching speed: 1100 stitches per minutes.
  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 6.2 x 12 inches.
  • Weight: 17.25 pounds.
  • Feet included: 4.
  • LED: Yes.
  • Feet Dog: Drop.
  • Presser Foot System: High bar.
  • Pressure Adjustment: Adjustable.
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  What We Like

  • Stitches – There are 32 stitches included and with their help, you can sew anything you want.
  • Fast and reliable – The electric motor provides 1100 stitches per minute speed and it is a reliable unit, suitable for commercial applications.
  • Construction – It is made of stainless steel, metal, and plastics. Only the shell is made of plastics.
  • Reverse stitching – Now you can sew in reverse and make your stitches stronger than ever.
  • Decent enough to get through thick layers.

  What We Don’t Like

  • Design – It is a basic design without interesting elements. After all, this is a heavy-duty model.
  • Complicated to use – beginners may have problems mastering the sewing machine.

What Others Are Saying

Most of the reviewers pleased with this product. This little nice machine helped them to make a lot of clothes, alterations, denim hems, quilts, etc. They impressed with this sewing machine as the operation was smooth and it worked as described. The stitch quality was excellent. Durability was another common thing as they said this Singer machine is very sturdy.

On the drawbacks side, we found that some users had issues with the bobbin thread tangling – but no major issues. In addition, some said it’s lacking a needle down function and this is understandable as you don’t get it on a cheap machine.


The Singer 4432 review stays 90% positive. It is a great sewing machine that is suitable for all kinds of operations. It is well-made, fast, strong, and powerful. The app is great and helpful for beginners so you can be safe knowing that help is one click away. The reverse stitching and LED are powerful and essential additions we all liked.

In the end, if you need a decent heavy duty sewing machine for the money the Singer 4432 is a perfect model for you.