10 Types of Kimono You Need To Know About

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Kimono is a traditional Japanese outfit mostly worn by women. Today, it is popular across the planet and women from all parts of the globe are interested in having one. But, did you know that there are 10 types of kimono and each one is completely different? Now you know and in the rest of the content, we will explain each type.

Types of Kimono

1. Furisode

furisode types of kimono

Photo by: Daderot

This is one of the common types of kimono in Japan. It is common among unmarried women and the design is inspired by flowers. The entire kimono is decorated in this way. It stands for long sleeve and the sleeves can be between 39 and 42 inches long.

2. Komon

Awase komon kimono

Photo by: Pitke

Komon is the least formal type of kimono. It is worn by both, married and single women. The pattern is far from direct and usually based on one color.

3. Tomesode

This type of kimono is worn specifically by married women. It is formal and comes in black or colored versions. It is slightly decorated.

4. Hikizuri

Every single geisha will wear this type of kimono. It is also popular among stage performers. The kimono is longer and more colorful than other types.

5. Odori Katamigawari

The name of this kimono refers to dance. In literal translate, it means half, half. One part is designed by one designer, while the other part is designed by another. It is colorful and can be purpose-made.

6. Iromuji

Both, married and unmarried women can wear a kimono of this kind. The design is in a single color and they are made for tea ceremonies mostly.

7. Mofuku

Mofuku is only worn by families who mourn a deceased person. They are completely black kimonos with 5 crests and without any other colors. In addition, both, men and women wear them.

8. Yukata

yukata kimono

Yukata kimonos are reserved for summer and for festivals. They are long, affordable and they can be worn by men and women of all ages. These kimonos are also very popular in Vietnam. When it comes to the looks, kimonos of this kind are made in bright color and they are very easy to maintain.

9. Houmongi

These kimonos are less formal than the others. They are literally translated as visiting dress and come in one color with patterns around the sleeves and hem. However, they are more formal than tsukesage kimonos.

10. Uchikake

This is the most formal type of kimono. It is worn exclusively by brides, although stage performers may wear them at some point. They are white with base red color. Obi is never used in this combination.

Bottom Line

These were all known and popular types of kimono in Japan. As you were able to see each type is purpose made and has a specific design. This is a part of them which makes them completely original pieces of clothes and can help you lo