20 Different Types of Lace Fabric That Exist

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Did you know that a while back, lace was made entirely by hand without using any machine at all? Well, now you know it and you can deduce that it was an expensive fabric back in a day. Today, lace is made with the help of machines, which decreased its price significantly. Nevertheless, you can still choose between different types of lace fabric.

Types of Lace Fabric

Below we will explain all known types, which come in the number of 20.

Types of Lace Fabric

1. Allover

Allover is also known as an embroidered net, due to the fact the embroidery motive is completed on a mesh background. The floral design has the main role.

2. Chantilly

This type of lace is commonly available in black color, but there are other alternatives available. The main character is the fact there is a silk present which is used to create lace with the net background. It has frayed edges which make it one of a kind.

3. Cotton Beading

It has beads on the sides and it is commonly used for sewing between the two pieces of fabric.

4. Alencon

It is also known as French embroidered lace and it is simply stunning. You can recognize it if you take a closer look at the patterns. They are elevated from the net background and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

On the other hand, the lace itself comes in 36 inches wide and it is the original French embroidered lace. Copies are much wider, up to 60 inches.

5.  Metallic beaded

It is precisely as the name suggests. You get metallic lace which contains embroidery.

6. Venetian Lace

It isn’t performed on a net or mesh background as other types. It is made on solid fabric. The patterns are elevated as well and they are layered with silk.

7. Elastic

This type can be seen on garments, lingerie or handbags. It is obviously elastic and used for a purpose.

8. Lace Applique

Basically, these are patterns that come without a background. This allows you to apply them to any fabric you want.

9. Edging Lace

It has two different edges. One is scalloped while another is straight and paired with a thread. The next best characteristic is the opening which can come in different numbers.

10. Smocked lace

Smocked lace got its name for the smockings that are the main part of the lace. There are rows of them and all are completely equal.

11. Insertion

Insertion lace is common on some dresses. You can see it around the knees. The main difference compared to other laces is the fact it is made to be inserted between 2 other fabrics, hence the name. Both sides are exactly the same.

12. Gathered

It looks like gathered lace due to the fact the edge is actually gathered.

13. Swiss Entredeux

You will agree that this lace type looks like a ladder with holes. It is usually used between the lace and the fabric itself.

14. Ric Rac

It comes in the zigzag pattern and usually, it is sewn between two fabrics, exposing just one side. It is made of nylon or cotton.

15. Crocheted

Crocheted Lace comes from Ireland and it was designed to look like Venetian lace, but it became popular by itself.

16. Broderie Anglaise

Some say this is a lace while others don’t categorize it like that. Anyway, it looks like lace and it is made of cotton.

17. Tatting

Tatting is handmade even today. The process involves knotted lace and a special cotton thread. You can see it on the edges of the shirts, pillowcases and etc.

18. Nylon Lace

It is the most common today. It is the most affordable as well. The edges are usually straight.

19. Tassle

Cotton or nylon with tassle along the edge is known as Tassle lace trim. Keep in mind that this type is a member of fringe lace.

20. Ribbon Pass

You will notice that this type of lace has holes in equal intervals. They are used for ribbon to pass through. As such, the type is common in heirloom embroidery.


Now you know all the types of lace fabric there is and you can deduce which one is the most suitable for you and your applications. Keep in mind that it is possible to like all of them.