Types of Sewing Scissors – What Are Various Types of Scissors Used for Sewing?

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Types of Sewing Scissors – Nowadays, you may have found several innovative machines to make your sewing tasks easier. These machines have reduced your manual efforts. However, one of the most essential manual tools for sewing and other crafts is a pair of scissors.

types of sewing scissors

Without scissors, you cannot start your sewing works. You have to cut the fabric, threads and various other items with these scissors. Thus, the scissors are the most valuable tools to yours.

Types of Sewing Scissors

The scissors may be different from each other in design. While you have not chosen the right scissors, you can damage the fabrics and these cutting tools. We have now talked about the types of sewing scissors.

Pinking shears

They are saw-toothed scissors, and you may use them for creating a consistent zigzag fabric design. While you cut the fabric with these scissors, you will find this design at the edge. They are also useful to trim the fabric edge when you are washing it.

best pinking shears

It can prevent the fraying issues to your fabric. The length of these scissors is between 7″ and 10 1/2″. You may also avail them in the lightweight versions.

Their serrated edges are capable of gripping the slippery fabrics at the time of cutting. The handle has a bent design, and you can easily cut your fabric. See also: Best Pinking Shears

Dressmaker scissors

While you are trying to invest one of the versatile pairs of scissors, you may buy them. To cut the fabrics of various types very easily, you have to use these scissors. For most of the sewing activities, they are highly essential.

The blades of these scissors are much longer, and you can cut the piece accurately. You may better choose the length, ranging from seven to ten inches. You will be able to cut through several fabric layers.

Tailor’s scissors

They are short-sized scissors, having the blade length of 5 inches. The crafters, quilters and sewing professionals choose these scissors. You will also be able to cut leather. These smaller scissors are also easily portable, and you can carry them with your sewing bags.

Buttonhole scissors

One of the unique features of these scissors is that its screw is adjustable. You can keep them open partially, and this position enables you to cut the length of the fabric precisely. You may use these scissors with any heavy or light fabric.

Applique scissors

Lots of sewing professionals use them to trim or cut close to their fabric. There will be no damage to the fabric. These scissors are highly effective for making rugs and for any applique work. The shape of the blade is like a paddle, and it can drive away the fabric’s bottom layer for better control. The special handle design enables you in positioning your hands comfortably.

Rotary cutter

Used for the quilting purpose, this small tool is highly versatile. You may apply it for cutting paper, leather and other fabrics. While there is more than one fabric layer, you can choose this rotary cutters or scissors.

Scalloped scissors

They are much similar to the pinking shears. By cutting the fabrics with them, you can create a decorative and beautiful design at the edges.

Embroidery scissors

When you create embroidery designs regularly, you may invest in these scissors. They have a sharp and thin tip. For cutting the threads safely and accurately, you can choose them. Their size is smaller than other common scissors. Their length varies from 3 to 6 inches.

best embroidery scissors

Some of these embroidery scissors have a slightly curved tip. You can get close for trimming your thread while dealing with the design. The scissors, having a straight tip, are also useful.

The handle design of these scissors is decorating, beautiful and unique. You may also find them with different metallic finishes. See also: Best Embroidery Scissors

Machine embroidery scissors

The handle designs have made them look unique. The handles have a slightly curved design. They enable you to trim the loose threads accurately and comfortably. The manufacturers use the high-grade rust-resistant steel for the scissor blades. You can find non-slip grip on the handle.

Thread Nippers

We may also call them as thread scissors, and you can use them to cut threads concisely. These scissors are smaller than other sewing scissors. The length of most of these thread nippers is 4 inches. You may adjust the shape of the nippers. With the minimal amount of pressure, you can cut your threads clearly.

Some threads very thick, and they are made of sturdy elements. In that case, you can choose these thread nippers. Lots of professionals in upholstery and carpet manufacturing industry use these tools. You can attach the nippers to any chain to wear it around your neck. Thus, the tool becomes accessible to you anytime.

Final Thoughts

We have now talked about the details of types of sewing scissors. Use these scissors as your sewing kits, and you will be able to deal with sewing works rightly.

After buying the right scissors for sewing, you have to keep up their original condition. You may clean these scissors using a piece of cloth. It is highly essential while you have cut the synthetic fibers and polyesters.

The lint of these fabrics can be abrasive to your scissors, and it may make your blades dull. Some scissors have integrated blade sharpener, and you can choose this type of products. You may use stones for sharpening the forged scissors. Thus, you have to take all the steps to keep up the sharpness of your sewing scissors.

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