Velvet Vs. Velour Comparison

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Most of you will want to know a difference or differences between velvet and velour. That’s why we present you the ultimate velvet vs. velour comparison.

Velvet Vs. Velour – The Differences

The first thing you will need to remember is that these two types of fabrics are completely different and they are used for different purposes.

Velvet is made of wool and it has silk on the top. Velour is made of cotton and it is a knit piece of fabric. Velvet is also less stretchable than velour. On the other hand, they both look similar and feel similar when touched.

Red Velvet fabric

RED Velvet Fabric 45″ by the Yard

Now the purposes. Velvet is usually used for making clothes only. Velour is used for a completely different purpose. It is used for making drapes, curtains and similar products. It isn’t used for making clothing.

Velvet has been with us for thousands of years. It was invented in China and through the Renaissance, it became popular in Europe, especially in Venice and Florence. These places soon became the best-known manufacturers of velvet. From there it spread across entire Europe and later the world.

Red Velvet vs. velour fabric

Red Crush Panne Velour Fabric by Richlin

Velour comes from France and it has been with us since the 18th century. It was known as modern and popular fabric but it was considered as new. This type of fabric soon became a synonym for fashion trends that used the latest innovations. Even today, some people believe that velour and velvet are the same.

Bottom Line

Velvet vs. velour comparison has come to the end. These two fabrics are completely different in the lack of a better word. In some cases, velour may be considered as an affordable option or a version of velvet but this isn’t always the case.

All you need to know is covered in the content above, so you can tell a difference the next time you are in touch with velvet and velour.

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