Vintage Embroidery Patterns – 5 Awesome Designs For Your Embroidery Work

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The embroidery designs help you to create a highly embellished fabric. With the threads of various colors, you can create these designs. We have presented you with some common vintage embroidery patterns.

5 Vintage Embroidery Patterns

Single Peony

Some embroidery designs cover lots of small flowers, while others have one big flower. In the above image, you can find that the designer has created one Peony flower. Apply the best stitching style to design this floral pattern for your kitchen linen, pillowcase or any other item.

single peony pattern

Source: DMC

Create an outline of the flower to make the right shape of Peony. Although there is intricacy in the design, you may try out this pattern. You can present a very elegant look by adding light pink colored stitches on the fabric. Design a few leaves of medium size to develop a uniform pattern.

Baby Bib

The kids and babies will surely love this embroidery pattern. Although the designer has not stitched any bright colored design, there is something playful and charming. The small, cute-looking creatures are busy with different types of activities. The embroidery designer has presented this theme on the baby bib.

Some kittens are found to play around a small tub, while one of them is offering a For You- card. The lambs are playful in the flower garden, and the bears are holding a musical instrument. Through the beautiful embroidery designs, the designer has created a story of animals.

Sunbonnet Girl Motifs

The overall pattern is very complicated, and you may take much time to create the designs. There are seven motifs for each of the days, like- Monday-Wash, Tuesday-Iron, Wednesday- Sew and Thursday-Shopping. In addition to it, the design includes four potholder motifs.

For the daily motifs, you may cover a space of 7 by 7 inches. You may apply this design for kitchen curtains, aprons, towels, and any other thing. You have to buy threads of various colors to create all the embroidery patterns. Use a transfer pen for outlining every design.

Birds N Dishes

For those, who love the classic bird design for the embroidery pattern, Birds N Dishes is one of the best options. A small beautiful bird is sitting on a china dish. The designer has created this motif on the embroidered fabric.

This is one of the unique themes for your embroidery works. Create polka dot designs for the china pot theme on the embroidered fabric. Use any colored thread to make this design on your fabric. For your dishtowel or tea towel, you may develop this pattern.

Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace refers to a name of a plant, and you may choose this flowering plant as the motif of the embroidered fabric. The original color of the flower is usually light pink or white.

However, for an embroidery design, you may combine blue and white to create to flower design. You can use the Colonial Knot or French knot for designing this pattern. However, for stems and other parts, you may choose satin or straight stitch.

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These are some vintage embroidery patterns that you can consider in case you are looking for ideas of vintage designs. So, which vintage embroidery patterns do you like?